The Laura Flanders Show: New Media for a New Economy

Appearance on the Laura Flanders Show in 2017

Civic Summit 2017: Media Literacy and the Search for Solutions

Keynote Address given by Joe Amditis

Rutgers University, Condoleeza Rice, and the #NoRice Protests

by Joe Amditis

Camp Bucca: Post-deployment interviews and hidden camera footage

by Joe Amditis

Interview with Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman (2013)

by the Daily Targum Staff

Combat/Security Patrol with I.S.R. Platoon (Iraq 2009)

by Joe Amditis 

Note: I used “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC in the original cut of the video (before I knew what copyright law was), so YouTube replaced the audio with some royalty-free music that doesn’t reach the end of the video. I’ve been meaning to get around to changing it but it’s just not that high on my list of priorities at the moment.

Pre-Mobilization Training, Fort Bliss, TX (2008)

by Joe Amditis (Music by Larry Roth)

360° Video Playlist

This playlist contains a selection of 360° video projects and productions I’ve created in my spare time.

First attempt at modeling using Unity3D

3D Studio Max 6 video game modding and CAD tutorials

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