The following contains a selection of audio projects and productions that I’ve created, appeared in, or contributed to:

What The Fuck Just Happened Today? (Daily newsletter)

The episodes listed below are part of an unofficial, fan-made audio newscast of the WTFJHT newsletter, written by Matt Kiser. The audio newscasts were produced and narrated by Joe Amditis. 

Visit to get the latest updates from Matt Kiser, and don’t forget to subscribe to the WTFJHT daily newsletter. (I used music from to create the intro.)

The White Van Speaker Scam (side/passion project)

Produced and narrated by Joe Amditis.

Daily News Roundup: NJ News Commons (daily Flash Briefing skill for Amazon Echo)

Produced and narrated by Joe Amditis.

Media Download: ProPublica’s Deputy Managing Editor Eric Umansky

Produced by 90.3 WMSC FM. Hosted by Joe Amditis.

The News in Jersey: War coverage in the media

The fortnightly podcast from the NJ News Commons. Hosted by Joe Amditis.

Feature stories, read aloud

Vijay Prashad, “In Lebanon’s camps, Syrian refugees contemplate a U.S. strike,” The Hindu, (2013)

Click here to read the original article.

Jon Mercer, “Bad Reputation: The Folly Of Going To War For Credibility,” Foreign Affairs, (2013)

Click here to read the original article.